09 September 2015

Social Media Messages Say Vote PAP

Over the past few days, many of us would have received messages from friends and acquaintances warning us to think carefully before voting for the opposition this GE 2015.

Here are some of them, and my thoughts.

WP's Hidden LGBT Agenda

The unnamed writer, who is a member of a religious group, points to WP's manifesto and infers or concludes from paragraph 4 of Section 5.3 Responsible Public Sphere that it has a hidden LGBT agenda.

4. Independent Body for Arts Licensing. We propose an independent body with representation from the arts community should be set up to oversee arts licensing. We should create a vibrant infrastructure under which proper support and a more conducive environment be provided for the arts to flourish with minimal state interference and direction.

Another writer notes that law firm Peter Low LLC, where WP Chairman Sylvia Lim is a senior associate, has lawyers who have expressed views that seem sympathetic to LGBT matters.

He further notes that WP candidate Sociology Assoc Prof Daniel Goh was at the launch of a book on LGBT matters.

Both writers (or they may be the same writer) may be seeing shadows where there are none.

Even if some WP members are sympathetic to the LGBT cause, there is no assurance that no members of other parties including the PAP are not similarly or more sympathetic to the LGBT cause.

And however strongly we may feel about LGBT matters, GE 2015 is not about LGBT matters alone.

God Blessed Singapore With PAP

Some people say that God blessed Singapore with Lee Kuan Yew and his Cabinet colleagues in the early years (1960s and 1970s). Together with the effort put in by Singaporeans and strongly assisted by UN economist Albert Winsemius, they transformed Singapore from third world to first world in one generation. Therefore, this unnamed writer says we shouldn't mess around with what God has blessed us with.

But the PAP standing for election in GE 2015 is not the PAP of Lee Kuan Yew and his Cabinet colleagues then.

Furthermore, how do we know that it is not God's will for there to be more opposition MPs, who will effectively check and balance the Government and from among whom will emerge leaders of an alternative government when the PAP fails? How do we know that it is God's will that Singaporeans should put themselves and the future of their children and Singapore completely in the hands, and at the mercy, of the PAP?

George Yeo's Thoughts

George Yeo listed 12 reasons to support the PAP in GE 2015.

As he was the minister for foreign affairs in the PAP Government before he was booted out when his PAP team lost Aljunied GRC to WP in GE 2011, we can expect him to repeat the PAP's arguments to vote PAP.

However, he did not give any reason why an effective opposition in Parliament is a bad thing.

In any case, if he feels strongly about what he has set in his message, shouldn't he be a GE 2015 candidate for the PAP?

Overseas Gen Y

After having lived overseas for some years, this unnamed writer came to appreciate that Singapore isn't as bad as he (or she) used to think.

His arguments are simplistic.

We can't be sure that he is a Gen Y or had lived overseas; he may be a ghost writer writing for the PAP.

He says we hate immigrants including the construction workers. We don't. And we love the foreigners, especially the construction workers and foreign domestic workers, who do the work that we shun.


Just because these messages came to us via our friends and acquaintances doesn't mean that we should take them more or less seriously than other messages, articles, speeches and manifestos.

Vote wisely. Vote for individuals and parties who collectively will form an effective Parliament and from among whom will emerge leaders and alternative leaders in the future.

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