28 November 2014

HSA Should Step Up Enforcement Against Sex Enhancement Drug Hawkers

The Sunday Times reported that sex enhancement drugs were openly sold on the streets of Singapore — so openly sold that its reporters had no difficulty locating them[1].

"The peddlers, who are foreigners, hawk their sex pills openly in the red-light district of Geylang. Some also sell them online.

From 2010 to last year, [Health Sciences Authority ("HSA")] conducted 169 raids in Geylang and seized about 2.5 million pills and products worth more than $6 million. Twenty-six people were either jailed or fined for peddling sex drugs over that period.

Sexual enhancement drugs can only be sold to those with a doctor's prescription.

When The Sunday Times visited Geylang last Thursday night, there were about 20 peddlers selling sex drugs openly outside the New Cathay Hotel at the junction of Geylang Road and Aljunied Road. Most appeared to be from China.

Each had at least a dozen brands of sexual enhancement products with names such as African Black Ant, Max Man and Viagra, as well as contraceptives."

(Emphasis added)

Sex enhancement drugs may be bought only with a doctor's prescription, and may be used under a doctor's supervision only.

The consumption of adulterated or fake sex enhancement drugs is extremely risky.

HSA previously issued the following advisory[2]:

"HSA strongly advises those who are holding on to these products to stop taking them immediately. Tadalafil and sildenafil are prescription only medicines which have to be used under medical supervision. They can cause adverse effects such as decreased or loss of vision and hearing, cardiovascular events such as stroke and a heart attack. In addition, tadalafil and sildenafil are not suitable for patients with some medical conditions including certain heart problems or patients who are taking heart medications such as nitrates.
HSA would like to reiterate the dangers of purchasing health products from dubious sources including the Internet. Consumers should exercise discretion when buying health products as consumption of poor quality and falsely labelled health products can cause serious health effects. Consumers should also seek early and proper medical attention for management of their medical conditions, instead of self-medication."

In the light of the risks posed by the peddlers of sex enhancement drugs, it is surprising that HSA has conducted 169 raids from 2010 to last year, which works out to be an average of 13 raids every 16 weeks, or fewer than one raid a week.

And, these peddlers are not difficult to find.


1. THERESA TAN Cash, Sex Used To Dupe Men Into Allowing Their Homes To Be Used For Sex Drug Delivery The Sunday Times 23 Nov 2014.

2. HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY HSA Seizes Over S$400,000 Worth Of Illegal Sexual Enhancement Drugs Being Sold Online as Part Of An International Enforcement Operation 22 May 2014.

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