28 October 2013

National Service Not For Women

Some male Singaporeans believe that female Singaporeans should be made to serve national service.

Should women serve NS?

The Case For NS For Women
Women want gender equality. There is no better way to achieve this than for women to serve NS.

Women should help defend Singapore:

▪ They are citizens.

▪ They account for about half the citizen population.

▪ They enjoy Singapore's peace and security provided by the SAF.

▪ The SAF is a citizen military force.

21 October 2013

National Service Not For Permanent Residents

Many Singapore citizens believe that permanent residents — not just second generation permanent residents but also younger first generation permanent residents — should be made to serve national service.

Should permanent residents serve NS?

The Case For NS For Permanent Residents
Permanent residents should help defend Singapore:

▪ They enjoy many of privileges, or privileges almost as good as those, usually reserved for citizens.
▪ They enjoy the peace and security provided by the SAF, and the large majority of the SAF's personnel are NSmen or NSF.
▪ The number of permanent residents has increased to the point where one in six residents as at June 2013 are permanent residents.

10 October 2013

Penalising Public Service Providers

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore recently imposed a penalty of $1.5 million on M1 Limited for breaching the Code of Practice for Telecommunication Service Resiliency in that it failed to provide resilient mobile telephone services, which resulted in the disruption of M1's 2G and 3G mobile telephone services in January.

Some 250,000 M1 users were affected by the service disruption, which lasted several days.

M1 failed to ensure good electrical installation practices when carrying out power termination during upgrading works at one of its network operation centres, a key telecom infrastructure node housing essential network equipment, according to IDA. Sparks and smoke activated the gas suppression system, which set off a water sprinkler, resulting in the failure a mobile network switch.

IDA assessed that M1 had not carried out adequate risk assessment on the upgrading works. It did not exercise due care and diligence in ensuring sufficient safeguards to minimise the risks posed to its equipment and operations. It did not have sufficiently rigorous control and supervision of the upgrading process, despite the works being carried out at a key infrastructure node housing sensitive telecoms equipment.

02 October 2013

Quotes of the Month — August / September 2013

MediShield Life
The impact of higher MediShield premiums [after the revamp to become MediShield Life] will be studied carefully to ensure that every Singaporean can afford them.

Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong

MediShield Life
Well ultimately the government doesn't have money which is from heaven or from own sources. Government's money really is people's money and eventually all the money has to come from taxes or some other revenues from COEs or maid levies or whatever. So that is one of the reasons why we have to think very carefully before we decide to move, to start new social programmes, to spend more. But we have made the calculations, I think what we have announced we can afford.