24 June 2013

Distributing N95 Masks Public Relations Exercise

When the Government announced that it would be distributing one million N95 face masks free to 200,000 lower-income and other vulnerable households, many people thought that it would be a low-key administrative effort.

It turned out to be otherwise.

MediaCorp TV showed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a town hall meeting to discuss the haze issue with residents before going around a block of rental flats with his entourage to distribute the face masks on 23 June.

With the haze situation grabbing the public's attention over the past week, residents who wanted to know everything and anything about the haze would already have been given more than enough information by our political leaders via the media.

MediaCorp TV also showed Ministers K Shanmugam, Ng Eng Hen and Khaw Boon Wan and Acting Minister Tan Chuan-Jin distributing the free face masks in their respective constituencies.

Households which were not visited by the political office holders were, or would be, given their free N95 face masks by grassroots organisations.[1]  Presumably, these refer to People's Association and its affiliated organisations.

As for low-income and other vulnerable households in Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East town, did The Workers' Party's elected members of Parliament there lead the distribution of the free (i.e. tax-payer funded) face masks?

For that matter, Mrs Lina Chiam and others like her should also have been roped in to help to distribute the free face masks as quickly as possible in Potong Pasir and elsewhere.  200,000 households are a lot of ground to cover!


1. Govt to Distribute N95 Masks to Low-Income Households TODAY 21 Jun 2013 8:30 p.m.


  1. Why allow opposition party the chance to help and share the limelight? After all, many Singaporeans already equate government resouces with PAP resources.

  2. My own father was like the PAP. Very stingy one. Until I die, he will not spend a cent on me. The govt of Singapore is very rich. This is a fact. The fact is also the haze is real and hazardous. The govt missed out a real chance to make up for their incompetence for the GE results, and they still yaya papaya don't want to do the right things.

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