31 May 2013

SEA Games Won't Exceed Budget, But We Won't Tell You The Budget

Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee executive chairman Lim Teck Yin expressed confidence that the budget for 2015 SEA Games would not be exceeded.

With the benefit of inaugural Youth Olympic Games, which were held in Singapore in 2010, the committee knows what it is getting for each dollar.
Mr Lim declined to reveal the 2015 SEA Games budget.
Perhaps, he wants to avoid the strong criticism that followed the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, on which the Government spent almost four times the original estimate.
But if Mr Lim is so shy about revealing the budget, what's the point of the interview?
At this juncture, what the public wants to know is how much money the Government intends to spend on the 2015 SEA Games, not whether the budget will be exceeded.  Indeed, if the committee is not confident now — two whole years before the games start and without the need to incur any cost in building any sports facilities — that the budget will not be exceeded, what kind of budget has the committee drawn up?
MediaCorp shouldn't have published the meaningless interview.  It didn't tell us anything useful.
Mr Lim is Singapore Sports Council CEO.  He was previously a brigadier-general and commandant of SAFTI Military Institute.

1. 2015 SEA Games Will Not Exceed Budget, Say Organisers TODAY 30 May 2013.


  1. Singapore don't make general like other battle harden army in other countrie.

  2. I believe we will face the same budget problems like that of the YOG. My inside sources tell me that the proposed budget is being cut left, right, center and we are hosting a multi-sports games bigger than the YOG (with more athletes competing). Good luck to the CEO and his team.