22 July 2012

Is "Singapore" Clipper Yacht Singaporean?

The local media announced that the Keppel Corporation-sponsored "Singapore" yacht completed Clipper 11-12 World Yacht Race in third position.

The organisers Clipper Ventures supplied the fleet of ten identical, 68-foot, stripped down racing yachts each sponsored by a city, a region or a country and a qualified skipper for each yacht.

The 40,000-mile race took 11 months to complete.  It was divided into eight legs comprising 15 individual races; crew members decide which legs they wish to race in.

The "Singapore" team comprised 52 crew from 11 nationalities, led by British skipper Ben Bowley.  Among them were seven Singaporeans; the rest were foreigners.

I'm puzzled.

What exactly is the achievement that the mainstream print and broadcast media are trumpeting?

With Singaporeans forming a very minuscule minority in the crew, to what extent can this be considered a Singapore effort or a Singapore yacht?

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