14 May 2012

Foreign Audience Versus Home Audience

Broadcast rights to many sports events, including even highlights, are generally not available to major news agencies.

Nevertheless, limited access is sometimes given to free-to-air broadcasters, provided any broadcast is limited geographically.

This restriction means that MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia cannot broadcast limited match highlights because of the transnational nature of its broadcasts.

Although viewers in Singapore can still watch match highlights on MediaCorp's other free-to-air channels, they cannot watch the highlights on Channel NewsAsia — MediaCorp's dedicated news and current affairs channel — because of its aspirations to be a regional broadcaster.

MediaCorp and Channel NewsAsia are headquartered in Singapore. MediaCorp started as a radio broadcaster in Singapore in 1936.  Channel NewsAsia started broadcasting in 1999.  MediaCorp is owned by Temasek Holdings.


1. Cable TV Restrictions Limit Football Broadcast on Local News: CNA Voices, TODAY 9 May 2012.

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