09 July 2011

Space for MPs to Meet Constituents

Housing and Development Board ("HDB") introduced a new rule on 10 June 2011 that allows political parties to rent space on the ground floor of public housing blocks for members of parliament to construct offices for their meet-the-people sessions.

When the space is no longer required, it must be reinstated to the original condition by the members of parliament at their own cost.

Rental of the space is at the concessionary rate of $1.50 per square metre per month, similar to that for non-profit social communal facilities run by voluntary welfare organisations.

It is puzzling why the Government does not provide suitable premises free of charge to members of parliament for them to meet their constituents.  Members of parliament are, after all, individuals elected by the citizens to represent them in parliament.

HDB is Singapore's public housing authority and a statutory board under Ministry of National Development.  About 80 per cent of Singaporeans live in HDB apartments.

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