28 April 2011

Just Who Are Singaporeans?

Who are Singaporeans?

Sometimes, the term is used to refer to Singapore citizens.

At other times, the term is used to refer to Singapore citizens and permanent residents collectively.  Permanent residents are, of course, citizens of other countries who have been granted some of the privileges that citizens enjoy in recognition of their semi-citizen status (Singapore does not allow dual citizenship).  However, permanent residents are not citizens.  The number of permanent residents is not insignificant.  There were 541,000 permanent residents among the 3,771,700 Singapore residents as at June 2010.

When someone uses the term "Singaporeans", he should make it clear whether he is referring to citizens or citizens and permanent residents.

Perhaps, it may be best to reserve the term "Singaporeans" for citizens and use the term "Singapore residents" for citizens and permanent residents.

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