22 April 2011

Foreign Workers Create Jobs for Locals

IM Flash Singapore's NAND flash wafer fab was cited as an example of the presence of foreign workers helping to create jobs for Singapore residents (citizens and permanent residents).

The company currently employs 1,200 workers, of which six in ten are residents and four in ten are foreigners.

Two-thirds of the managerial and professional positions in the company are held by residents, while two-thirds of the technician and manufacturing positions are held by foreigners.

The following conclusions may be derived from these data.

Managerial and professional positions account for 80 per cent of all positions, and technical and manufacturing positions account for 20 per cent of all positions.

It is not clear whether this division of positions between managerial and professional positions on the one hand and technician and manufacturing positions on the other hand is typical for a NAND flash wafer fab, nor whether it represents a steady-state situation for IM Flash Singapore.

Residents hold 640 managerial and professional positions, and foreigners hold the remaining 320 managerial and professional positions.

Residents hold 80 technician and manufacturing positions, and foreigners hold the remaining 160 technician and manufacturing positions.

No details were provided for citizen and permanent residents separately.


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