11 March 2011

Only Authoritarian Rule is Suitable for China

Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress Wu Bangguo stressed that only authoritarian rule was suitable for China, and ruled out any shift to multi-party democracy.

Mr Wu said in his annual address to the legislature on 10 March 2011 that abandoning the Communist Party-dominated system could lead to chaos and loss of the fruits of development.

China's circumstances precluded it from engaging in multi-party rotations of political power, engaging in a diversity of guiding political ideologies or adopting concepts such as separation of powers.

China should not mechanically copy foreign legislative features.  Its laws must strengthen and improve the Communist Party's leadership.

Premier Wen Jiabao had said last August that China must reform its political system, increase citizens' democratic rights and place checks on the state's power.

We should not be surprised by Mr Bangguo's position.

Many regimes consider their countries' situations as being unique.  Many regimes, not necessarily authoritarian ones, consider theirs to be the best and the only one for their countries, and consider alternatives to lead to possible disaster and ruin.  And no political party wants to see itself out of power, much less actively create the conditions that may facilitate or lead to its ouster.

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