29 March 2011

The Future of Singapore

Singaporeans have been reminded to think carefully and calmly about the long-term future of Singapore during the upcoming general election.

Singaporeans should also think carefully and calmly about the short-term future of Singapore.

Individuals and families have to live through, manage and survive the short-term in order to enjoy the long-term fruits of their labour.

Furthermore, the long-term future for Singapore (or any organisation, for that matter) consists of a series of short-term future.  It is not realistic to consider Singapore's long-term future without considering its short-term future.  To achieve the long-term vision, Singapore has to progressively achieve the short-term visions.  The vision for the short-term future must be consistent with the vision for the long-term future.  To the extent that the actual short-term situation is not consistent with the long-term vision, steps must be taken quickly to rectify the situation.

The general election is about Singapore's future, short-term as well as long-term.

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