04 March 2011

$500,000 Baby Bonus

Citing a straw poll which he conducted, People's Action Party Member of Parliament Zaqy Mohamad told Parliament on 2 March 2011 that some childless women would change their minds when offered a baby bonus of $500,000 per child, with no strings attached.

One wonders whether $1 million will convince even more childless women to change their minds.

One cannot but feel very sorry for these women, and their husbands, if their decision whether to bear children is based on receiving a $500,000 gift for each child.

What sort of parents will these couples be?  What sort of values will they impart to their children?  What sort of adults will such children turn out to be?  What sort of society will Singapore become?

Quite apart from whether Singapore can afford to pay $500,000 for each citizen baby, it may be better to forgo these incremental babies rather than to be held hostage to such demands, which can only escalate as the years go by, or to encourage such undesirable behaviour.

Note.  "More Initiatives Could Help Raise Fertility Rate", TODAY (3 Mar 2011).

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