26 February 2011

Owners Renting Out HDB Apartments

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of National Development, Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman told Parliament on 10 January 2011 that about 34,800 apartments or 5 per cent of the total HDB apartments eligible for subletting are being sublet.

It is not clear if the 34,800 apartments that are sublet include the 27,256 "active cases" of the entire HDB apartments being sublet (as at probably 31 March 2010).

Owners of HDB apartments who wish to sublet their apartments must (i) meet the minimum occupation period; (ii) obtain HDB's approval; and (iii)  and comply with the terms and conditions for subletting, such as ensuring that the sub-tenants do not disturb the neighbours, and that the number of sub-tenants does not exceed the maximum number allowable for the different types of apartments.

The approval to sublet is given for a maximum of three years.  It may be extended or renewed subsequently.  The average subletting period is about 20 months.

HDB conducts half-yearly regular inspections and spot checks to ensure that owners do not infringe the subletting rules.

In 2010, HDB took action against 98 owners for unauthorised subletting and seven owners for overcrowding.

HDB received a "small number" of complaints from residents regarding the subletting of apartments, usually concerning noise.


1.  HDB is Housing and Development Board, Singapore's public housing authority and a statutory board under Ministry of National Development.

2.  "Renting Out of HDB Flats by Owners", Singapore Parliament Report, 10 January 2011.

3.  Housing and Development Board annual report 2009/2010.

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