04 December 2010

Part-Time Employment Income In Singapore

There were 176,700 residents in Singapore engaged in part-time employment as at 30 June 2010.

137,400 had gross monthly income from work of less than $1,200.

86,600 were under-employed.  This means that they worked part-time for economic reasons (i.e., not by choice) and were available for, but could not find, more hours of paid work.

At least 47,300 under-employed residents had gross monthly income from work of less than $1,200.


Singapore Workforce, 2010.

An employed person is defined as a person aged fifteen years and over who, during the reference period (the week preceding the date of the survey interview) either (i) worked for one hour or more for pay, profit or family gains; or (ii) had a job or business to return to but was temporarily absent because of illness, injury, breakdown of machinery at workplace, labour management dispute or other reasons.  National servicemen are excluded.

A person is defined as being employed part time if his normal hours of work are less than 35 hours in a week.  Prior to 2009, the threshold was 30 hours a week.

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