13 November 2010

Should A School Recruit Foreign Scholars?

A secondary school (or high school) in Singapore reportedly sent its principal and a teacher or teachers overseas to recruit foreign scholars.

Why is it necessary for a school to recruit foreign scholars?

Is the school so enamoured with its ranking that it needs to supplement its local student population with foreign students?

As it is, foreign students take up places that would otherwise have been available to local students.  And there is no shortage of students who want to enrol at that school.

Furthermore, if those foreign students are given a financial incentive to enrol at the school, would it not have been better for the school to use such funds on its local students, whose parents pay taxes, with which the government uses to provide financial support to the school.

There is no need for a school to recruit foreign students, whether or not they are scholars.

Or, is the recruitment by the school part of a broader programme to give qualified foreign students a free or highly subsidised education in Singapore in the hope that they will stay on as permanent residents or citizens?

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