15 November 2010

The Plight Of Poor Students

The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund is a community project with the objective of providing children from low-income families with pocket money to attend school.  The money can be used for the purchase of food at school, bus fares, books and stationery.

Primary school children receive $45 a month and secondary school children receive $80 a month.

Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents receiving full-time formal education; live in a four-room or smaller HDB flat; and belong to a household in which the gross monthly per capita income is $450 or less.

More than 12,400 children need $5 million in pocket money this year, according to a The Straits Times report.  This means each child receives just $400 a year, or $33.60 a month x 12 months or $10 a week x 40 school term weeks, depending on how the payouts are structured.  It is not clear why both numbers are lower than even the intended payout to primary school students.


National Council of Social Service

The Straits Times, 13 November 2010.

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