11 November 2010

Fuss Over New Citizens

Mr Ray Ferguson, Standard Chartered Bank's regional chief executive officer for Singapore and South-East Asia, gave up his British passport and became a Singapore citizen in October 2010 together with his wife Clare.

This was reported by both major newpapers, The Straits Times and TODAY.  Coincidence?

Why is this newsworthy?

While we welcome Mr and Mrs Ferguson and their children into the Singapore family, many of us don't really care whether it is a billionaire, a Nobel laureate, an Academy Award winner, or an Olympic Games medalist who wants to become a citizen of our country.

What is important is whether we who are already citizens regard Singapore as our home, a place where we and our children can find and enjoy the democracy, justice, equality, happiness, prosperity and progress that we desire.

If we are truly convinced that we want no home but Singapore, we don't need to adduce affirmation from newly naturalised citizens, whoever they may be.

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