18 October 2010

Honesty, Sincerity And Sportsmanship

In the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, the Singapore men's 4x200m freestyle relay team was disqualified from the final because it had missed the deadline to submit its entry for the final.

The team set out for the competition venue 15 minutes before the deadline, on a journey that usually took 20 to 30 minutes, according to team manager and head coach Mr Ang Peng Siong.  The team arrived 45 minutes after the deadline because of traffic delays.

Mr Ang made a mistake.

He admitted his mistake, and apologised.  He did not offer any excuse.  He did not deflect blame.  He did not dismiss or trivialise the impact of his actions.

His honesty and sincerity are admirable qualities.  We can learn from him.

It was also reported that the head coaches of the other teams participating in that final signed the appeal submitted by the Singapore team.

The sportsmanship shown by the other head coaches is refreshing, notwithstanding that the Singapore team might not have won a medal, having qualified for the final with the seventh fastest time.

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